Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Magic Tales Mishap #1

My personality is to jump in first and then ask questions later. You should come on over and we'll compare our magical scars.

**The following events are based on a true spellcasting experience.**

The sun burned as it sunk into the horizon and the street lights flickered. The much needed change from the bitter cold forced my friend - Javier - and I to sit in the dining room for a moment. My significant other (now former significant other) was at work or where ever the hell he said he was, but I digress because that story is for another blog post.

A monumental Chemistry test loomed in the forefront of my mind. There was no way I was going to remember all the functional group names, much less figure out how to transform a double carbon thingy into a long ass six carbon chain. Javier let out a long hard breath as we pulled out our monstrous textbooks. The night was going to be a long one.

Aldehydes, alcohols, amines, carboxyls, alkenes, -kanes, one has a y the other has an e. Crap. The concepts blurred together and I sunk further into the uncomfortable wooden chair. My butt hurt, my back hurt, my brain all hurt. As Javier rattled off the functional groups, I reached over to the brand new white candle.

The candle was four inches in diameter and about eight inches tall. I took the tip of my mechanical pencil and carved out my name. A big fat A followed by a big fat L then Y and then N. The entire act calmed my stressed nerves, so I went ahead and drew in a few smiley faces along with hearts.

Javier tried to get me to focus, and I did the moment he took the distraction out of my hands. Rather than put the vandalized candle aside he carved out his name with the tip of his pocket knife. His artistic ability superseded mine and once he was done, he set the candle aside.

As the night wore on, we continued our studies and from time to time we would mess with the decorations we carved into the candle wax. Eventually we played a single game of tic-tac-toe.
IRks unburned wick caught my attention and I panicked. As I was growing up, my mother said it was bad luck to leave the wick unburned. Now that I think about it, the concept sounds deliciously perverse. Hmmm. Javier lit it for me after I frantically shared the story with him.

Months later.

My folks came into town and we held a big get together. My mom met all of my friends from university, except Javier. She glanced into the small crowd and asked what the deal was with him. I told her nothing. She pressed on. I explained he was my lab partner, nothing more. Sheesh, I was married. I didn't play that and I still don't play that.

My mother stressed she could feel the intense energy between Javier and myself. I brushed her off. Truth be told, I never saw him more than a friend. However, I did have an unexplainable growing attraction towards him. My mother said I got loud and giggly around my 'supposed' lab partner.

Whatever mother.

Later that evening, everyone went home. My mother helped with the cleaning and came across the candle, which had the carvings along with the wax drippings. She asked about it. I explained Javier and I carved into it one night. Now I used it because the lights were to harsh on my eyes at night.

Apparently I participated in a love ritual. Now I had to let it ride out...


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