PR Information

If you are in advertising on Silk Labyrinth, please email me at alynrosselni(at)yahoo(dot)com for competitive rates & media package.

Sponsoring a giveaway is a phenomenal way to gain traffic to your site and to generate awareness about your product.  While giveaways are exciting and innovative, the giveaways I sponsor are limited and I do charge for hosting.  Keep in mind that giveaways must:
  • include all shipping and handling charges
  • not cost the winner anything to accept
I only accept payments via PayPal.  If you do not have an account, please visit to set up a free account.

If you have a book, short story, or product that needs to be evaluated/reviewed, email me a link to your website/twitter/facebook page with:
  • a brief description of the product you would like reviewed.   
  • how long the review needs to be because some reviews require a word count.
  • a date of when the review is due.
I am located in the United States, so please check the postage rates because the responsibility is solely yours.  While I am VERY fond of ebooks, I realize that technology does not allow for certain items to be delivered wirelessly.  In this case, I highly suggest Federal Express, United States Postal Service, or United Parcel Service.