About Me

Alyn has always lived in her head and created stories.  If she wasn’t telling stories to her friends in school, she was creating stories on paper.  Instead of one novel coming to her head, her muses whispered two.  While still in university, she learned to juggle academics, family and writing.  Since time was scarce, she wrote in the wee hours of the morning. 
Her stories range from being short to novel length.  She enjoys bringing her characters to life and listens to each of them carefully.  After all, each character is important and plays an in integral role in the story.  The types of stories she enjoys crafting are (no particular order): erotica, paranormal, historical, dark horror, and non-fiction.
A. Rosselini’s erotic works have appeared in Blood Lust Anthology, Underneath It All Anthology, Erotic Fantasy: Tales of the Paranormal Anthology, Story Mistress, Blue Foods, Sensual Venus, Satin Slippers, She Loves Sex.com, Toasted-Cheese.com, and many others. She is the author of the upcoming Shadow Seducer Series: Wicked Kisses (Book 1) and the upcoming Aztec Skinwalker series: Erasing Teresa (Book 1).
She teaches sex positive writing workshops such as Writing a Short Story, The Art of Erotic Writing, How to Move the Story Along, and Overcoming Writer’s Block.  Her mainstream fiction stories have appeared in the local newspaper and webzines.  She has a blog and uses twitter to connect with interesting people.  
Alyn does not limit herself to fiction pieces because she enjoys exercising her academic side as well.  She has quite a few non-fiction pieces that have been published as well.  Why not get an alter-ego? Limited time.  Alyn spent ten years as a teacher, where she helped her students get published in various chapbooks and co-sponsored the writing club for several years.  In addition, she managed to find time to write fiction despite the demands of her family, job, Master’s thesis, and doctoral thesis. 
Her current projects include:
A Lover’s Feast: Sensual Food Tales Edited By A. Rosselini and M.Christian
Shadow Seducer (Book 2): A Soul to Take
Behind the Porcelain Mask
Her main focus is to help bring the stories in the minds of others life.  After all, it is then they become real.  Isn’t that what happened to the Velveteen Rabbit?