Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wicked Kisses Excerpt

RELEASES June 20, 2011
“People believed looking glasses repelled spirits that would bring them harm, death, and destruction.” Chloe said quietly, catching her reflection and squinting. She wondered if she were to ask the mirror the magic words, would a voice from the other side give her an answer like it did in the story Snow White?  
“Such fables and tales.” Penny announced, without interest.
The old scrollwork that surrounded the dull surface of the looking glass had dimmed over the years, collecting a layer of dust that barely moved when she touched it. Chloe turned from the mirror to examine the ancient Sumerian figureheads neatly arranged on the shelves along with carefully preserved scrolls in glass boxes. Chloe struggled to read the words, calling upon a history class she had taken over the summer. A gentle whisper, a medley of lyrical female voices and a seductive male voice, overlapped her mumbles, allowing Chloe to follow the words with greater ease. The murmurs grew louder, forcing her attention back to the mirror. The reflective surface was not as dull as before and the layer of dust between the crevices transformed into tiny specks of gold dust. She trembled, threading her fingers around the thick silver chain that hung around her neck. Mirror, mirror, on the wall, she thought as she pushed away her gnawing fear, what secrets do befall?

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