Sunday, October 31, 2010

Six Sentence Sunday 10/31/2010

This piece is an excerpt from the short story BLADE AND BURN.  I wrote this piece a few years ago for the Blood Lust anthology.

He did not budge and he stayed put until I gave him an answer. His dark tongue played with his sharp eyetooth and soon, right before my very eyes he pierced the fleshy muscle. The richest, most colorful crimson droplets spilled from the self-inflicted wound and for extra effect, he slid the blood lined tip of his tongue across his black lips. The exquisite shimmer of the liquid that sustained his life softened me up towards him. A sense of exhilaration flowed through me because Riggan hinted to me that he understood the burning hunger in me to walk in the shadow of death.

Yes, I wanted to walk that very path along side him.

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