Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dear Readers,

Since I have stopped writing, I have been asked quite a few questions about my return. I appreciate the inquiries and I will try to answer them here:

When are you going to come back?

My biggest project, my doctoral degree, is almost over, so I am currently transitioning into writing. It has always been a dream of mine to get a doctoral degree, so I finally went for it. At the beginning, I tried to juggle academics, writing, working, and a family. One of those had to give, so I opted to put writing on the backburner. However, I kept writing whenever I got the chance.

What kind of stories are you going to write?

The type of stories I write depends entirely upon my muses. As soon as I sharpen some of my stories, I will get them submitted for everyone to read.

What kind of WIP’s do you have right now?

I have submitted a manuscript for review. Cross your fingers. I also have a few more novels that need to see the light of day, but I put them away – not because they weren’t any good – but I needed to focus on my education. Let me dust them off and get them out there. What I would like to focus on right now are my short stories.

Are you on twitter? Facebook?

What started out as a dare, I am currently on twitter and I love it. I think I’m becoming addicted. If you want to follow me or have any questions, just click the twitter link.

As for Facebook, I am not sure if I will communicate that way. Give me some time to see if FB will work out all the glitches.

Are you going to bring back the Thermoerotic website?

As of now, I'm not sure. 

If there are any other questions I did not answer, please do not hesitate to ask.

P.S. – I finally got my blog up and running. ;0 You know who you are.

Alyn R.

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